Wales Tales: Day 1

The social media especially Facebook are now peppered with photos telling stories how people are spending the Easter half term for the year 2017.


Whenever a period such as this comes, the schoolchildren’s excitement is more or less than what the parents feel. An out-of-town holiday is always on top of the basket of activities. 

This time around, the “barangay” (a term in the Philippines that refers to a village), proceeded to Wales, a UK country known for tales of dragons and knights and Sir Tom Jones. Caravan homes were hired at Trecco Bay Holiday Park in Portcawl, Wales. The area is beside the sea at the southwest part of the British continent. 


Our group arrived around 3:00 am on 1st August after a more than 3-hour drive from London of a convoy of 5 cars and 6 families: Erick and Joie Balisi, Ronald and Tina Belchez, Rene and Leony Funa, Jojo and Junie Gazzingan, Novo and Sharlene Ramos, and Wally and Cathy Tome.

There were many road diversions brought about closures in motorways. We passed through a toll gate but gladly there was no long cue of vehicles.It was raining hard and cold when we reached our destination.


After having breakfast in one caravan, we parted ways to our respective accommodations to get some sleep. The sun has started breaking the darkness and the kids’ voices crackled throughout while the adults were trying to doze off.

I was awakened by a sun ray kissing my forehead through our room window. The weather is a stark contrast with the one early in the morning. The team did not want to waste any single drop of sunshine and hit the road the soonest.

We started touring around the vicinity. But it is the beach that the kids were dying to go to. The tide waves low, the sun shone at its brightest and the wind whooshes warmly but the water was biting cold. I accompanied my kids, Neo and Lex, who played in the sand and dipped their feet into the water together with the other kids.
The daddies were around with the kids by the seaside. The mommies stayed at the upper sandy part taking selfies and we-fies. The teens went onto their own routes.

When the darkness touches the sky, the mommies and kids went to the amusement centre for arcade games. The higlight was the Bingo game, which one of the mums almost won with only one number left not called out.

The daddies stayed in the HQ while Rene demonstrated his cooking skills. He works as a Chef in a London branch of Hilton Hotel. 

We had fun interacting about any topic under the sun especially issues about the Duterte government while enjoying a yummy lineup of Starters prepared by Rene.

About 15 minutes later, the mums and kids came back and partook of the same food with roast lamb and rice.
The night was capped up with shots of Johnny Walker Double Black, Jose Cuervo Tequila and coffee brewed from the Tome’s coffee brewer. This time, no kid’s voice broke the silence of the night.