“As Long As I’m Living My Tweetie You’ll Be”

Noli Eala

There is a “forever” insofar as Atty. Jose Emmanuel “Noli” Eala is concerned. However, it is for the wrong reason, which caused him to forever lose his profession.

The Love Letter

One of the pieces of evidence adduced against Noli Eala, who once served as a Sportscaster and the Commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is his handwritten love letter to Irene Moje given at the day of her marriage to Joselano Guevarra. The title is part of this letter which reads:

“My everdearest Irene,

By the time you open this, you’ll be moments away from walking down the aisle. I will say a prayer for you that you may find meaning in what you’re about to do.

Sometimes I wonder why we ever met. Is it only for me to find fleeting happiness but experience eternal pain? Is it only for us to find a true love but then lose it again? Or is it because there’s a bigger plan for the two of us?

I hope that you have experienced true happiness with me. I have done everything humanly possible to love you. And today, as you make your vows . . . I make my own vow to YOU! 

I will love you for the rest of my life. I loved you from the first time I laid eyes on you, to the time we spent together, up to the final moments of your single life. But more importantly, I will love you until the life in me is gone and until we are together again. 

Do not worry about me! I will be happy for you. I have enough memories of us to last me a lifetime. Always remember though that in my heart, in my mind and in my soul, YOU WILL ALWAYS. . . AND THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU DO! 



Eternally yours,


A Suspicious Husband

Noli is married to a certain Marianne with whom he has three children. Irene, who was then Joselano’s fiancee, introduced Noli as her friend to Joselano. A month and onwards after the wedding of Irene and Joselano, the latter observed that Irene had been receiving cellphone calls and text messages from Noli like “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “Meet you at Megamall.” He also noticed that Irene frequently comes home very late at night, early in the morning and sometimes does not go home.

Later, Joselano saw Noli and Irene together in two occasions. After Joselano confronted Irene, she left the conjugal house and took all her personal belongings. It was around this time that Joselano found the abovestated love letter in the master’s bedroom.

Thereafter, Joselano saw Irene’s and Noli’s cars always parked at a particular house where Irene was already residing. It turned out to be their love nest. He later learned from his friends that Irene was pregnant.

Eventually, Joselano filed a disbarment case against Noli.

The Defense

In his defense, Noli admitted that he sent the “I LOVE YOU” social card on the day of Joselano’s and Irene’s wedding day. He denied that he flaunted an adulterous relationship with Irene.

He stated that their relationship was “low profile and known only to the immediate members of their respective families.” He added that such a special relationship does not fall under scandalous circumstances as provided in the crime of concubinage.

Being a Lawyer is Not Forever

Unfortunately for Noli Eala, the Supreme Court decided to disbar him, that is, not to allow him to practice as a lawyer anymore.

He was found to have engaged in a grossly immoral conduct in violation of the lawyer’s ethical standards and oath of office.

The Supreme Court emphasized that he is a married lawyer having a relationship with a married woman who is not his wife. As such, it does not matter whether the relationship was carried out discreetly.

When Irene gave birth to a baby girl, she gave the information in the birth certificate that Noli was the father. He did not deny this. This indubitably showed their adulterous relationship.

Noli’s admission that he has an extra-marital affair with Irene also worked against him. Such “sexual relations outside marriage is considered disgraceful and immoral as it manifests deliberate disregard of the sanctity of marriage and the marital vows protected by the Constitution and affirmed by our laws.”

The Supreme Court concluded that he indeed carried on “an illicit affair with a married woman, a grossly immoral conduct and indicative of an extremely low regard for the fundamental ethics of his profession.”

“This detestable behavior renders him regrettably unfit and undeserving of the treasured honor and privileges which his license confers upon him.”

Reference: A.C. No. 7136, Joselano Guevarra vs. Atty. Jose Emmanuel Eala, August 1, 2007